Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and Fall Attorney

  • Have you been injured at a Business?

  • The most common Premises Liability Case is a Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Attorney | Florida and California

Have you been injured at a business or rental property due to a fall, a trip, or due to some other unexpected event? Businesses have legal duties to their customers. They have to maintain a safe environment. The law requires this from them in exchange for the opportunity to have customers come to their business. The business is in the best position to manage their property and keep it safe.  When the business fails to keep a safe premise, and you are injured, then you can recover money from the business as compensation. This kind of civil lawsuit is called a Premises Liability suit.  The most common kind of Premises Liability suit is for a slip and fall.  This typically happens when a business fails to keep their floors safe and free from liquid, debris, or other dangerous conditions. People frequently suffer severe injuries when slipping and falling. If you’ve been injured this way, then contact us and we’ll tell you about your rights to compensation. We can be your advocate. Choose us as your slip and fall attorney.


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